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“I had a lovely session today doing the basic body balance with my horse Felix (he is in the picture) but I didn’t have my phone with me today in the stables. He had the most massive and obvious releases when I made the poll moves – he straight away shook his head violently from side to side, then did some very unusual “extreme blinking”, opening and closing his eyes repeatedly in a very deliberate and odd way, then he snorted, licked and chewed and checked my hands very carefully all over again! Awesome! I told him I don’t know any more moves yet, cos I m a beginner, but I will learn them soon. I think he is looking forwards to that!” – Jacquei Billington


Felix Enjoys Equine Touch

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Thank you from Jac! He was a 19 year old, ex JA jumper, so therefore high mileage and back leg issues. Being here at Homeway with all your Equine Touch students practising on him…he’s now caprioling in his spare time! – Paintedhorse.org.uk


Caprioling Jac

Equine touch, bowen, mastersons, chiropractic, body balance, physiotherapy

When I first brought Magic she was very wary of new people especially when they physically interacted with her and she has been a sensitive mare over the years. Equine Touch has really helped Magic both physically and to help her to trust people far more than I have given ET credit for. I have known Lyn the majority of my life, and Magic’s for that matter, and I look up to her like a second Mum for both of us and it’s incredible what her work has done for many people, horses and dogs. – Rachel Vincent


The Magic of Equine Touch