The Equine Touch

What is The Equine Touch?

The Equine Touch is a gentle, non-diagnostic, non-invasive Equine Bodywork discipline which uses a set of specific moves on the body (or within the energy fields) which creates vibromuscular harmonization within the fascia or connective tissue which is just under the horses skin. This consequently works on muscles, tendons, joint capsules and ligaments and other body systems such as the lymphatic.

Can ET be used with other body work disciplines?

Yes, ET works well with other body work disciplines such as chiropractic, osteopathic, physiotherapy, TTouch, Masterson’s Method, Bowen, Dorn Therapy to name a few. The only discipline it doesn’t work along side is massage, this is because with massage the hand remain on the body, whilst with ET the move is made and the hands come off the body to allow the vibration to work within the body.

How do I study ET?

The Equine Touch is taught in easy to learn modules or clinics:

The foundation clinic, level 1 is taught in a 3 day format or 2 x weekends (2 days) format to fit around your work or financial commitments. In level 1 (part 1) you will learn about the basic body balance which is the foundation to ET, and you could stop here. Part 2 includes ‘areas of concern’ for horse owners who need a bit more than the basic body balance. As a 3 day format, this is taught as one module. You are given a fully illustrated manual and a certificate.

You may wish to continue with the intermediate clinic, level 2 which is in the same format as level 1. This clinic will refresh work from your foundation clinic and learn 16 more ‘areas of concern’ including the ‘advanced body balancing procedure’. The advanced procedures can be used as stand alone techniques but research has shown they work better and last longer when used with the basic body balance and areas of concern from foundation level. You are given a fully illustrated manual and a certificate.

There is an advanced clinic, level 3 for ET addicts which has 2 formats: 4 days intense or 2 days practical and 3 days theory with founder Ivana Ruddock. You are taught to understand the ‘elements of influence’ (saddle, hooves, teeth, rider, training, nutrition, environment) which the horse is subjected to after it has been brought into the human world, how to recognize the problems and understand the effects that it has on the horse. By understanding the elements of influence you understand why ET, along with other body work disciplines, will not last without addressing these elements. You are given two fully illustrated manuals and a certificate.