IETA UK & Ireland Conference 2018

We have had some great conferences for IETA UK and Ireland but this one has been the most amazing of all!! Thank you to the amazing Peggy Cummings for telling us about the Connected Riding principles, Heidi Nielsen for enlightening lectures on up to date dentistry skills and your amazing PROPRIO training system, Martin Equinehealthcare and Sarah Harms for the trigger point information not to mention our own Ivana Ruddock-Lange who managed to bring all the information together into Equine Touch terms. We had informational talks from some of our own practitioners – Diana Young, Heather Richardson, Paula Cuthbert and Jo Fernandes. We also need to say a big thank you to Harriet Saunders (Neill Saunders sister) for talking about Alexander Technique and being an awesome ‘guinea pig’ with your lovely grey. Fantastic venue – Wow – what a brilliant weekend – we will have a job to match that next year!! 

Anke Heley, our new Conference Organiser has done us proud. Along with Sue Falber, Conference emce and aided and abetted by the rest of the IETA UK & Ireland Committee, Anke pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone had a great time.

Attendees included visitors from the US, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Israel, as well as from the length and breadth of UK.  A truly International occasion.


Nicky Hood – 4.6.18
Just wanted to say what a great day I had at The Conference on Saturday and to say thank you for all the hard work put in to make this happen.  Unfortunately I was assisting at a BE event on Sunday which meant I could only attend for one day but what a brilliant line up of speakers. Perhaps you would be kind enough to pass my congratulations on to all other Members involved in putting this together.

​Becky Morton – 4.6.18
Well WOW! what a conference!  It was a great weekend, fabulous speakers and demos, great to catch up with so many old faces and meet some new ones. I love that the E.T. family is so diverse, international, knowledgeable and fun to be around! 🙂 So grateful for all the hard work that everyone puts in behind the scenes to pull this of, it really is awesome. ​


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Horsemanship Magazine

The Equine Touch has a big shout out in Horsemanship Magazine (Issue 106) Feb/Mar 2018 written by Georgie McBurney from Paintedhorse. The issue can be bought electronically or a physical copy can be posted.

The article talks about a day last summer when The Equine Touch practitioners met up with practitioners from Equine Therapy (Facilitated/Experiential Learning and Psychotherapy for people) at Lyn Palmer’s Homeway Farm; we shared good practice between colleagues and across the two disciplines. Livvy Adams and Georgie hosted the Equine Therapy side and introduced their Equine ReWilding concept of ‘being’ with horses, not ‘doing’. So it’s about spending time being with horses who allow people to join them in the herd, connect with them, with nature around us and then by doing this we can sometimes connect with our authentic self which is very therapeutic. Paintedhorse go on to talk about examples of how The Equine Touch has helped with the health and vitality of their herd, such as Jac a welsh-Arab, who had stiff back legs from a previous jumping career and now caprioles when running amongst the herd and Epona, a Dartmoor Hill, who was laminitic but can now live out with the herd 24/7. The article finishes by introducing Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) (ET for people) with how it helped the author with old back issues and new Repetitive Strain Injury in both her hands; all of which is now managed with this wonderful body work discipline.

Lyn Palmer recently had an operation on one of her feet which meant she was out of action for 6 weeks over Christmas and New Year. She has recently broken the ‘rest up’ curfew and hobbled up to the yard to see her horse Que.  It has been a very wet winter so far at Homeway Farm, so Lyn has been trying out various supermarket plastic bags for waterproofing efficiency of her bandaged foot. Despite the hobbling and the adverse conditions we are still continuing with our level 1, part 2 course on the 17-18 Feb for those who are interested in continuing their learning and we look forward to seeing you soon.