The Equine Touch Family (UK)

The Grandfather

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Jock Ruddock

Scottish born John Ruddock, known as ‘Jock’ was the founder of ET. In his varied career from Scotland Yard Police Officer to record producer; he was once a international professional wrestler for about 28 years. In the wrestling world there was a golden rule ‘if you hurt me, fix me’. Jock was formally trained in Aikido, Dynamic Ki, Hyperton-X, Kinesiology, Bowen and Isogai and had learnt from practical chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations, so earnt himself the reputation of ‘the bone setter’. Later Jock developed a new modality based upon all he had learnt about body work and discovered that by vibrating the muscles in a certain sequence in the body, the entire body goes into what is now termed ‘medical chaos’, from chaos order then emerges. He called it Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT). In 1997, Jock was asked to help a famous horse who was going to be put down after a serious injury, after only one session the horse showed such an improvement Jock was invited to teach this technique to vets, with slight modifications for the equine body, as you have probably figured, Jock called this technique ‘The Equine Touch’. He later married veterinarian, Ivana, who at the time was a university lecturer in anatomy and together they modified ET even further. Jock had one mission ‘to help as many horses as possible’. Jock sadly died in 2011, but his legacy still lives on within The Equine Touch family.

The Grandmothers

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Ivana Ruddock

Ivana Ruddock is a qualified veterinary surgeon and former anatomy university lecturer from the Czech Republic who met Jock in 1999. Together with her veterinary training, Ivana has knowledge in homeopathy, acupuncture nutrition and allopathic energy along with many other practical healing techniques created for equine and small animals. Ivana’s understanding of the equine, its requirements and the ‘Equine Elements of Influence’© which have an effect upon health and well-being have impressed not only her students but equine professionals worldwide. Ivana is uncompromising in her search for the latest developments in horse care and truth behind them. Her lectures on ‘The Equine Elements of Influence©’ (saddles, teeth, feet, rider, training, nutrition and environment) and her Whole Horse Dissection (which gives the bigger picture of what is under the horses skin) are described as ‘inspiring, brilliant and information filled’. Ivana’s wholehearted commitment to improving the standard of life for the horse has earned her respect, not only as a practitioner and instructor but as a guide to all horse lovers wishing to provide a better quality of life for their horses. Ivana went on to research and develop a gentle non-invasive modality exclusively for dogs, known as The Canine Touch.

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Lyn Palmer

Lyn Palmer hosted an ET course for Jock in 2000 at her farm near Glastonbury, UK, she was amazed how the horses relaxed and did everything Jock asked without any pressure being put on them and any pain or discomfort disappearing in front of her eyes. Needless to say Lyn became an ET addict overnight. In her own words, Lyn explains “I became Jock and Ivana’s shadows, putting classes on for them in the UK training through all levels, becoming a practitioner, then a tutor, and traveled across America with them several times, teaching at the Parelli headquarters in Colorado and then becoming appointed the first UK Instructor back in 2003. I have been dedicated to ET since then, teaching in Norway, Sweden and France and never once has my faith been shaken in ET as ‘the greatest gift we can ever give to the horse'”. Lyn has also qualified in VHT both as a practitioner and Instructor, and with Ivana qualified in 2008 as a Canine Touch Instructor. Lyn loves teaching people so they can then go out into the world and help their family and friends, dog and horses. Lyn has her own teaching centre and bodywork clinic at her farm near Glastonbury, UK where she lives with her husband Jack, her 27 year old horse Que, Shetland pony Henry, dogs Emily and Stanley and a beautiful black cat called ‘Black Cat’.


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