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Horsemanship Magazine

The Equine Touch has a big shout out in Horsemanship Magazine (Issue 106) Feb/Mar 2018 written by Georgie McBurney from Paintedhorse. The issue can be bought electronically or a physical copy can be posted.

The article talks about a day last summer when The Equine Touch practitioners met up with practitioners from Equine Therapy (Facilitated/Experiential Learning and Psychotherapy for people) at Lyn Palmer’s Homeway Farm; we shared good practice between colleagues and across the two disciplines. Livvy Adams and Georgie¬†hosted the Equine Therapy side and introduced their Equine ReWilding concept of ‘being’ with horses, not ‘doing’. So it’s about spending time being with horses who allow people to join them in the herd, connect with them, with nature around us and then by doing this we can sometimes connect with our authentic self which is very therapeutic. Paintedhorse go on to talk about examples of how The Equine Touch has helped with the health and vitality of their herd, such as Jac a welsh-Arab, who had stiff back legs from a previous jumping career and now caprioles when running amongst the herd and Epona, a Dartmoor Hill, who was laminitic but can now live out with the herd 24/7. The article finishes by introducing¬†Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) (ET for people) with how it helped the author with old back issues and new Repetitive Strain Injury in both her hands; all of which is now managed with this wonderful body work discipline.

Lyn Palmer recently had an operation on one of her feet which meant she was out of action for 6 weeks over Christmas and New Year. She has recently broken the ‘rest up’ curfew and hobbled up to the yard to see her horse Que.¬† It has been a very wet winter so far at Homeway Farm, so Lyn has been trying out various supermarket plastic bags for waterproofing efficiency of her bandaged foot. Despite the hobbling and the adverse conditions we are still continuing with our level 1, part 2 course on the 17-18 Feb for those who are interested in continuing their learning and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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